Sunday, August 15, 2010

Change in Polar Plans

An update on my upcoming polar trip with Pat Farmer. We had been scheduled to ski from South Pole to the coast in December this year but a delay in funding means we will now head north to south, beginning at the North Pole mid-April next year. This compresses Pat's running schedule to 6 months from Canada to Chile but is well within the capabilities of this running veteran.

I collected some of the Smitten Adventure Wear clothing last week, spending an hour with Carl looking at the best fabrics and styles for our polar journeys. Zip necks, thumb holes, 180g weight and a few different colours - all good for months of skiing over the frozen wastes. Here are some pics of previous trips using Smitten gear - the Victorian High Country, Greenland, Tasmania's Overland Track and the Antarctic Peninsula. The last pic is near my home in Mt Nelson, Tas, training for the first leg of Pole to Pole Run, from North Pole to Canada.

Thanks Carl and Nic, great gear!


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