Saturday, February 19, 2011

Introducing Adam Holbrook

Hi there.
My name is Adam and this is my first Blog. I'm a keen bushwalker here in Tasmania, and a photographer. Feel free to check out my website at TasmaniART

When walking in the Tasmanian wilderness you can find yourself in some remote locations, so you need to be pretty self sufficient. So it’s important to be able to rely on your gear in such conditions. I therefore look for the best equipment that I
can afford.

I’ve known about Smitten merino for some time, and everyone that I know that’s tried it has agreed it’s excellent stuff. So I’ve just gone and spoilt myself and got a few layers, replacing the poly thermals that are getting a bit tired, with some merino ones. Better still, locally made!

Now I’m really looking forward to my next walk which is coming up towards the end of this month, so I can try out my new Smitten gear.

Looking forward to sharing with you all some more of my adventures, both ones that I have done, and those which I am yet to do.

Cheers, Adam
. TasmaniART

Below is a taste of some of my photography.

Sunrise at Ketchem Bay, Southwest Tasmania

A very windswept Horseshoe Inlet, Port Davey, Southwest Tasmania

Afternoon sun, Lake Windermere, Overland Track, Tasmania

Winter Summit, Mt Ossa, Tasmania

An 8 day walk which involved the summits of Mt Pelion West, Mt Achilles, Achilles Heel, Perrins Bluff, Mt Thetis and Paddys Nut, not to mention some interesting tracks between them all.

The view east from Perrins Bluff, Tasmania

The South Coast Track over 9 days was fun, as was the trip into the Western Arthurs.

Coastline cave, Granite Beach, South Coast, Tasmania

Lake Cygnus, Western Arthur Range, Tasmania

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  1. Adam

    Your Photography is outstanding. I had the opportunity to check out your exhibition at Meadowbank Winery and loved your work. Cheers