Tuesday, November 8, 2011

From Flower Meadows to Dark Canyons I always wear Smitten

Hey Guys,
It has been awhile since I have checked in but its hard to find time to blog when your going from Crazy adventure to Crazy Adventure.

I am so happy with my Smitten garnets, there is not a day go's by that I not in my Smitten.

I have been on quite the tour over the last year, Here is a little photo diary to fill you in on some adventures.

Scaling cliffs with Pro adventurer Steve Crombie (loston.com)

British Columbia's stunning Flower Meadows

Extremely remote multi day Class 5 dark cold canyons of the Homathko

Day of the Dead party in Mexico City with World Champion Nick Troutman after a month long waterfall quest.

I always carry Smitten with me, in every destination, every occasion. Merino wool is so versatile, comfortable and Smitten garments are stylish enough for any occasion.

Stay tuned for more adventures at

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