Friday, January 28, 2011

Smitten and Pole to Pole Run

Recently I visited the international headquarters of Smitten Merino in Sandy Bay to collect the balance of clothing for an upcoming North Pole expedition. Pole to Pole Run is an attempt by ultra-distance runner Pat Farmer to (mostly) run from the North to South Pole via the Americas. With Pat, myself as guide (, Clark Carter ( as communications technician and secondary cameraman and an as yet un-named film-maker, we depart from the North Pole on April 2 and, hauling supplies in kayaks behind us, ski 800km and 50-odd days across the frozen Arctic Ocean to Ward Hunt Island, Canada, arriving mid-May. From WHI we are collected and flown to Resolute and then Yellowknife where Pat begins his road-running journey to Ushuaia in Argentina, averaging 2 marathons daily with no days off. In December we fly to Antarctica and ski from the coast to the South Pole, a distance of around 1000km. See for details. I am glad to be taking Smitten Merino to ward of the Arctic chills, thanks to Nic and Carl for sponsoring the expedition. Media of Pat can be seen at

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  1. Great to see you Eric. We are so excited to have you and Pat wearing smittenmerino wool thermals for the pole to pole run.check out . If you have not met Eric Phillips check out his web site . His capacity to endure extreme environments and high adventure is totally awesome!!!!!