Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tribe White Water Grand Prix

The Tribe White Water Grand Prix is a new style of white water event.
It is comparable to a surfing big wave invitation and it incorporates a range of different disciplines into a 14 day event in May 2011 - Quebec, Eastern Canada.

The first of its kind will have a big wave competition, extreme races, down river competition, and best drop run over the space of 2 weeks.

This is the kind of event that white water kayaking has been crying in the past few years of incredible progression.
Freestyle worlds which are being held on a small hole in Germany is defiantly not the progressive side of the sport that we should be showing main stream media and progressive competition is the name of the game at the Tribe White Water Grand Prix.

25 competitors, 12 have been invited, the 12 that have been invited are asked to choose the following 13 competitors from video applications, so here is my video application for you to check out.

Random footage from the last couple of years, BC, Tassy, The Kimberley, Laos, China and Indonesia

Wish me luck

Tribe White Water Grand Prix Entry from Lachie Carracher on Vimeo.

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  1. Good luck with making the line up Lachie. We checked out the video and you are awesome mate. We are very proud to have you wearing smitten merino. Cheers Carl and Nic Mason